Cling with the Technology

Do you admit that when you looking around you during having a meals for lunch or dinner either at the restaurant or at dining table…..each of us are not face to face with our family or partners but we are more paying attention to our smartphone looking at YouTube, Whatsapps, Facebook and others social media…. Our culture have changed…some says for good and some says for worse….we engage our communication even our knowledge with the mediating of devices likes smartphone and computers and ipads, we become individualistic people and no longer social people. Kids no longer rely on their parents or their senior for knowledge and the same ways goes with parents not willing to answers question from their kids and preferred to ask them to search it through the internet….is this for better or for worse?

from google image
from google image
Social media is everywhere, it impacts everyone and it really has changed the way that we live. It has altered the way we engage and communicate ideas. It has significantly redefined our relationships with people and communities

google image
google image
google image
google image


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